Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Guide to AV rentals

Audio-visual equipment rental services offer state-of-the-art equipment for everything from TV and commercial shoots to professional presentations. You can also get AV rentals for a wide range of special occasions and entertainment events if you plan to include videos, slideshows or music in the festivities.

You should begin your search for audio-visual rentals by specifying the exact equipment you need and its intended purpose. There are a lot of companies that provide specialized audio-visual equipment, and these businesses typically offer a wider selection of options across a broader price range.

Using Local Audio-Visual Services

The nature of your event will guide your audio-visual equipment rental search to a large degree. If you are delivering a presentation or seminar at work, there are businesses that will deliver, set up and test your complete audio-visual system to ensure it has the capabilities you require. If you need video equipment rentals to shoot a wedding, graduation or awards ceremony, you'll get a broad selection of cameras, lights and sound equipment from a video production rental company.

If you're paying out of pocket for your equipment rentals, keep in mind that some pieces of equipment can be rather expensive. While a simple audio-visual cart supporting a projector unit won't cost you much, a high-end video camera and sound kit can costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Make sure you research costs before planning your project.

Control Your Audio-Visual Equipment Rental Costs

It's essential that you prepare properly if you need AV rentals. First, always book your equipment well in advance. Popular pieces of equipment sometimes rent for days or even weeks on end, and you might end up having to get in line for something you really need or, worse, you might be forced to go without it.

When you book or go to pick up your equipment, you may be required to pay a deposit. Depending on the value of the equipment you're borrowing, this deposit may be sizeable. Prepare your budget to ensure you can cover any required deposits.

Finally, look into hourly or part-day versus full-day bookings. If you only need something for a little while, it may be cheaper to rent it at a per-hour rate. Conversely, you might find more value in renting the equipment for a full day rather than just a part and enjoying the freedom to use the equipment without feeling pressed for time.

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