Projector Rental

What to know before you rent a projector

Whether you're screening an old-fashioned movie or need a cutting-edge LCD projector rental for a presentation or to generate audio-visual effects for an event, there are companies out there with the specialized equipment to meet your needs. Projector rentals are generally very affordable, and many service providers offer equipment setup, either on an optional or included-in-the-price basis.

Rent a Projector, Old or New

Preservationists and movie buffs know it is a rare pleasure to watch a quality film print of a great movie. There's something about the experience that digital projection just can't replicate – the sound of the whirring projector, the flickering lights, the sharpness and vibrant tones of the analog playback. If you want to host an unforgettable movie night, getting your hands on a print of your favorite film and finding an affordable movie projector rental is an experience that's well worth the effort. It's easy to load film into a projector, and your rental will come with a guide to assist you if you're inexperienced.

An LCD video projector rental is the perfect solution if you want to include a slide show as part of a presentation or an evening's entertainment. All you need to do is use slide show software to create your program, then connect the computer that contains the media files to your projector. From there, you can shuttle through individual slides manually, or create a timed display.

Projector Rental Costs

Your projector rental costs are determined by two factors: the type of equipment you're getting, and the duration of your rental. Typically, projectors are rented by the hour, day or week, though you can also lease one if you'll need it for an extended period of time.

In many cases, you must pay for your projector screen rental separately. If you're using a film projector, you need a good old-fashioned silver screen to enjoy the best results. However, you can use an LCD projector rental without a screen, if you have a large, blank white wall to work with. Simply point and focus the projector on the wall; the white will act as a neutral background, allowing individual colors to render correctly.

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