Projector Screen Rental

Renting a portable projector screen

Whether you're planning an extra-special movie night or have an important presentation, projector screen rental services can handle your media needs. Typically, screen rentals are available through general audio-visual rental companies.

Before you start your search, you need to narrow down the type of projector screen you're looking for. Screen rentals are available in various sizes, and are specially designed to support specific types of media.

Types of Screen Rentals

Different screens are designed for specific purposes. Here are some of the specialized types of projector screens available:

  • Movie projector screens. If you're going to get a classic film projector for a movie screening, it is best coupled with a movie screen rental. Movie projector screens are specially designed to enhance the playback quality of celluloid film prints.
  • Electric projector screens. These screens can be raised or lowered using an electric remote control, and are able to handle a wide range of media, from LCD projection to overhead slides. However, it is far more common to install one of these than it is to rent one, given the complexities involved with the wiring and remote controls.
  • Portable projector screens. These are ideal if you are hosting an event at an outdoor venue or are attending a trade show or conference and need audio-visual elements.
  • Overhead projector screens. The use of overhead slides is dwindling, given advances in digital technology, but overhead projector screens are still available if you prefer them.
  • Video projector screens. You can hook up projectors to digital cable boxes, DVD players and computers to enjoy media playback in full-screen glory. However, you can also project onto a large, blank white wall if you have one available – digital projectors allow you to enlarge or shrink the size of the playback area.

The Cost of Projector Screen Rentals

Projector screens are usually rented by the day or the week, with weekly rates usually offering a discount over the cumulative cost of a seven-day rental. The cost of your screen may or may not be included in your projector rental. Pricing policies vary from rental house to rental house, but it never hurts to ask if you might qualify for a package deal.

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