Sound System Rental

Renting sound systems and other audio equipment

Sound system rentals are frequently sought for dance parties, weddings, speaking engagements, conferences and trade shows. The complexity of the system you'll need depends on its intended purpose – if you're the emcee at an outdoor wedding, you can probably get away with a simple portable PA system. But if you're hosting a party and need DJ equipment rentals, you'll need speakers, turntables, amplifiers and mixers. Shopping with a rental house that specializes in servicing the type of event you're holding is the key to getting the equipment, knowledge and price you need.

Equipment Available from Sound System Rental Houses

A complete range of professional-quality audio equipment is available from sound system rental companies. You'll get the best selection at a niche provider; for example, you're better off getting your DJ equipment rentals from a company that specializes in parties than you are to try to find the things you need at an audio production facility.

The following equipment can be rented individually or as part of a package:

  • Speaker rentals, including loudspeakers and surround sound systems
  • Amplifiers
  • Channel-powered mixing boards
  • Turntables
  • Wired or wireless microphone rentals (stands are usually included)
  • CD players and mp3 players
  • Public address systems (PA rentals may be subject to additional setup charges)
  • Stage monitors or, in some cases, projector rentals

Get the Best Deal on Your Sound System Rentals

It pays to shop around when renting sound systems, as a lot of rental houses offer pre-packaged deals that have low prices. In almost all cases, you'll save significant money compared to the cost of renting each component individually.

Also, keep in mind that most sound system rentals, regardless of whether you're packing together numerous components or renting individual pieces of equipment, are charged by the day. Depending on the rental company, you may also get a bargain if you keep the equipment for multiple days. For example, if you're hosting a weekend-long event, you might get more value out of a three-day audio equipment rental package than you would by paying for Saturday and Sunday separately.

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