Air Compressor Rental

Guide to renting an air compressor

Compressed air has a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, but if you're looking at getting an air compressor rental, you probably need it to power pneumatic tools or inflate tires. A portable air compressor is an extremely handy accessory to have on hand, and is vitally necessary if you want to harness the many advantages of air tools during your building and renovation projects.

Types of Air Compressor Systems

Most air compressor tools are powered by positive displacement, though some industrial air compressors use rotating impellers. The advantage of the positive displacement method is that it creates a very efficient high-pressure air compressor, effectively allowing you to generate more compressed air in less space.

If you've got air tool rentals as well, you may need a specific type of air compressor to power them up. Usually, air compressors are available with single or dual cylinders, depending on the design of the tool they're used with. In most cases, you can preset the cylinders or tanks to stop automatically once the air inside has reached a specified pressure level. This ensures that the compressed air will be correctly calibrated for use with the specified pneumatic tool.

The discharge valve is typically located at the top of the compressor tank, and you should ensure it is compatible with the inlet valve of the item you're going to be filling with air. Not all valves are universally compatible, so be sure to ask if you have any doubts.

Industrial Air Compressor Safety

Here are some safety tips that will help you use your air compressor rental securely and without risk of damage or injury:

  • Check the oil level in your air compressor prior to each use, if it is motor-driven. Add or change the oil as needed, but do not overfill the tank with oil as this can damage the air compressor.
  • Follow compressor break-in instructions to the letter. A user guide should accompany each rental. You could seriously damage the equipment if you perform a break-in incorrectly.
  • Drain the air compressor tank on a daily basis, or roughly every four hours if you're using it continuously.
  • Clean or replace the compressor's air filter regularly to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
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