Excavator Rental

Rent an excavator to get the job done

Excavator equipment is a mainstay of the construction industry, as they are able to efficiently dig out large areas and lift heavy objects. You can get both a full-size excavator rental for large-scale projects and a mini excavator rental for more localized work.

The uses of full-size and mini excavators include digging as well as building demolition and material transportation. Large excavators can be used to efficiently dig wide, deep holes, while mini excavators are better for precision digging. Costs range considerably; at the low end, a mini excavator rental might cost $200 a day or $3,000 a month, while a month-long rental of a full-sized excavator can cost $15,000 or more.

You may encounter interchangeable terms when you seek lawn equipment rentals. A hydraulic excavator rental usually refers to a mini excavator, as they typically draw on hydraulic power.

Excavator Rental Attachments

As with a scaffolding rental, you may require additional accessories and components so your excavator offers the full functionality you need. When you call around to gather price quotes, ask whether any necessary attachments are included in the base rental price, or if you'll have to pay for them separately.

Some attachments you may need include augurs, excavator thumbs, hydraulic hammers and various bulldozer blades for clearing debris.

Safe Usage of Your Excavator Rental

On a professional job site, the excavator operator must be specially licensed. If you're renting a large excavator, you may be asked to present proof of licensure and sign a form indicating that only responsible, specially trained personnel will use the equipment. Large excavators are extremely expensive and costly to repair, so it's in your best interests only to let authorized personnel use the equipment.

Operating a mini excavator takes special training but does not require a license (though in some jurisdictions, a valid driver's license may be needed if the equipment is being used at an industrial site). If you have never used one before, find a construction rental company that will demonstrate proper and safe usage for you and let you try the equipment out to master its use. You don't want to spend valuable time (which you'll be paying for by the hour or day) trying to figure out how to get the equipment to do what you want it to.

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