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Rent a ladder that will reach

Getting a ladder rental ensures you will have a safe, secure and industrially approved means of reaching high places. There are instances that call for the use of a very specific type of ladder, and using a rickety or improper substitute can be downright dangerous, even deadly. Given the relatively inexpensive cost of ladder hire, there's no reason to take any chances.

To get started, you should know the basics about the different types of ladders and the situations in which they are best used. This will save you some time when you head to your industrial supplier or retailer to select your ladder rental and ensure you choose the safest size and style possible.

An Overview of Available Ladder Rentals

The most common types of ladders include:

  • Step ladders. These ladders, also known as A-frame ladders, are typically short in height and designed for indoor or light outdoor use. Their legs open to form a wide, sturdy base, and their steps are typically broad to provide you with excellent stability.
  • Rolling ladders. Commonly seen in warehouses and other industrial settings, rolling ladders are constructed with large frames, typically made of steel, which forms a base to which wheels are attached. You can move the ladder around the facility, locking down the wheels when you need to use it to reach something.
  • Folding ladders. These ladders are like step ladders, except that they have additional folding hinges which make them an ideal choice if you need to place the ladder on an uneven surface. Advanced models also have extendible legs.
  • Extension ladders. Offering excellent versatility, extension ladders have telescoping legs which can be extended or retracted, depending on the height you need to reach. The telescoping legs can be locked into place before you climb the ladder to ensure safety.

There are many specialized ladder types as well. Roofing ladders, for example, typically have claws that you can lock into the eaves of a house to ensure the ladder doesn't move. Ladders are also made from various materials, including wood, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. Each material has a different safety rating; if you're using the ladder at a construction site or in another industrial setting, you may need to ensure it conforms to government safety standards.

As a general rule, the maximum height of the ladder should exceed the height you need to reach by about 25 to 30 percent. This ensures the operator won't have to stand on the top steps, which can be dangerous as there is less stability near the top.

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