Fitness Equipment Leasing

Outfit your home gym with fitness equipment rentals

Fitness equipment leasing is a practical, cash-saving alternative to purchasing expensive, high-tech workout products. Suppliers make gym equipment leasing options available both to private consumers as well as health clubs, companies and healthcare institutions with higher-volume needs.

Right now, the fitness equipment industry is booming. People are more aware than ever of the health risks of being overweight or obese, and as such, suppliers are offering advantageous terms to consumers in the hopes of boosting overall sales totals. Right now is an excellent time to be leasing fitness equipment.

Why Lease Home Fitness Equipment?

State-of-the-art home workout equipment can be very expensive to buy. In many cases, it must be financed, and if you're already overextended in your credit, you may want to avoid taking on more debt. When you get a home fitness equipment rental, you avoid adding to your debt load and enjoy affordable monthly payments.

A gym equipment rental is also an excellent idea if you only have short-term needs. For example, if you've committed to losing 30 pounds, you can get a treadmill rental, use it to work out at home, and when you reach your weight loss goal, you can terminate your month-to-month lease.

Leasing Commercial Fitness Equipment

It is relatively common for companies to maintain an exclusive or shared on-site gym for the benefit of their employees. There are many advantages to doing this, not the least of which is that healthier employees have a diminished need to use their healthcare benefits. Leasing commercial fitness equipment also sends a positive signal to your employees – it can raise morale and even impress visitors.

Some companies charge a small supplemental monthly fee for access to the fitness equipment. This can help offset the cost of leasing it or, in some cases, even cover the entire monthly cost (if enough employees sign up). Employees stay happy because they get access to fitness equipment for the fraction of a cost of a gym membership and don't have to make an extra stop to squeeze in a workout.

If it makes more financial sense to you, it's possible to get commercial fitness equipment on a rent-to-own basis. That way, instead of paying month-in and month-out for an asset you don't own, you can enjoy the added value of equipment ownership while keeping monthly expenditures low.

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