Moving Equipment Rental

Guide to equipment rentals for moving day

The right moving equipment rentals can save you a great deal of labor and may even prevent a serious injury. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to strain yourself given all the heavy lifting you need to do on moving day. Next time you have to move, work smarter – not harder. Rent moving equipment to help get the job done with less effort.

Rent Moving Supplies

Some of the most useful tools for reducing exertion and labor on moving day include:

  • Hand trucks. Also known as utility dollies or furniture dollies, a hand truck rental is perhaps the most important labor-saver. These tools consist of a wheel-mounted platform and a steering column, allowing you to efficiently and easily move heavy items without having to go to the backbreaking labor of physically carrying them from point A to point B.
  • Furniture pads. If you have antique or valuable furniture that you want to protect from dings, nicks and scratches, a furniture pad rental is a must. These inexpensive products create a barrier between your furniture and the surfaces it comes in contact with, protecting its finish from the kind of sudden impact and damage that can easily occur on moving day.
  • Stair rollers. Should you have the need to move bulky items up or down stairs to get them to the utility dolly or moving truck, stair rollers will save you a great deal of effort. They cover your staircase from top to bottom, making a smooth, solid platform that allows you to move objects up or down without needing to lift them over each individual step.

Find Moving Rental Equipment

If you've rented a moving van or moving truck, ask the rental agency if they also offer tools and supplies to reduce your labor. Typically, they will be in stock and available for a small upgrade fee.

Sensibly, you can also get moving equipment rentals from moving companies. These companies recognize that not everyone can afford the expense of hiring professional movers, so they cater to the needs of financially conscious consumers by offering moving equipment and supply rentals for prices that are generally very affordable.

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