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If you're looking to rent a large amount of data storage space or if you need a place to host your website, you have two basic options: pay for access to a shared server, or get dedicated server rental. Shared server space is sometimes referred to as "virtual hosting," and if you use it, your data or website will share space with the host's other clients. A dedicated server lease, on the other hand, gives you exclusive access to a server and an Internet connection to access it.

What You Should Know About Server Renting

There are some advantages to shared servers. First, they cost less to rent. Secondly, most of the administration of your data or website is done for you, so you don't need a whole lot of technical knowledge to access and manage your content. If your website doesn't have high traffic levels, a shared server often makes a better choice.

However, a dedicated server rental is a must if your business is reliant on a high level of traffic. In e-commerce, one test of whether you need a dedicated server is this: if your business would lose a lot of money if your website went down, even for a short period of time, then you're better off getting one.

Your server's response time and its ability to manage a high volume of traffic are superior when you get a dedicated server. They also offer unlimited access to the host's software and operating system, and they are scalable; as your business grows, your dedicated server is easily able to accommodate additional customers and traffic.

Other Dedicated Server Rental Applications

Dedicated server rental is for more than just e-commerce and websites with high traffic volumes. If you administrate an online gaming community, you may well need to rent a dedicated game server. The advantage of game server rentals is that you don't have to rely on peer-to-peer networking applications to allow gamers to share files, data and information. When you use a game server for rent, you facilitate player-to-player file sharing and interaction much more efficiently.

Dedicated servers can be an integral part of a complete computer equipment rental strategy. If fast, worry-free Web hosting is important to your business, it's a solution you can't afford to overlook.

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