Laptop Rental

Work from anywhere with a notebook rental

Laptop rental services can meet your temporary computing needs, whether you need one or 100 notebook computers. You can also rent laptops on a daily, monthly or long-term basis if you've determined it makes more financial sense to lease than buy.

When Do Laptop Computer Rentals Make Sense?

It is costly to buy new computer equipment, and it drains your cash reserves. Notebook rental gives you the financial flexibility to use your capital for other purposes, and it also fixes your costs more predictably than ownership.

There are specific situations in which it just makes sense to rent laptops instead of buying them. If you need to do a software rollout or a training session and you need a high volume of identical computers, notebook or netbook rental is the ideal solution. If you have occasional travel needs and want to be able to stay productive on the go, you can rent laptops on an as-needed basis and transfer your updated files back to your regular computer when you return.

One of the biggest benefits of laptop rental is that you can always get the latest equipment at an affordable price. You won't have to make do with older, failing or substandard computers when you can just switch them over for new ones without laying out a lot of cash.

You can get daily, weekly or monthly leases, and you can also get notebook computers for rent-to-own. The advantage of a rent-to-own laptop is that you get the best of both worlds: a manageable regular payment and the eventual benefits of asset ownership.

Other Computer Equipment for Lease or Rent

In addition to desktop or laptop computer rentals, you can save space and money with a dedicated server rental, which is ideal if you need to store a high volume of data or want to reliably archive historical data. You can also take advantage of software rental services, which is a cost-effective way to meet your temporary software needs.

You can also rent a complete range of computer peripherals and accessories, including monitors, printers and IT hardware. Many businesses also find copier leasing extremely convenient.

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